Watch satisfied customers talk about the benefits of the pardna scheme in our video testimonials.
Our members’ response to our 14 Step Quick Pardna Plan.

I have been a member since 2009. With all the savings that I have done, the pay out is fast and secure. If your looking to save money I would recommend Portia’s Partnership Savings.

Mandy Sutherland

I have been a member since 2007. What I like about the club is that:
I Like the fact that members are kept up to date of what happening in the club at all times and the reassurance that your money is guaranteed!??
“Keep up the great work Portia!”

Sonya Barts

I have been a member of this partnership going on 3 years now, and I can honestly say it is an amazing investment. It has helped me immensely when it comes to smartly saving my money, and even helps alot for holiday seasons when I need some extra cash. Payouts are always on time and the proper amount. Can’t thank the partnership more for helping me keep my finances in check.

Ras-i Grant

I have been in this partner plan for two years it has been very good, I get my payout on time its very reliable its a good way of saving money for trips or future event or even personal stuff… thumbs up

Jackie Charlton

I have been a member with Portias Partnership Savings since 2006 and I can honestly say that this a well established company, very reliable. Consistently updating on new saving plans via email text social media and text. I would highly recommend using them.

Edith Agyei-John

Ive tried many pardnas. But this pardna club is the most professional and organised club that I have become involved with.

Markus King

“Like the fact that members are kept up to date of what happening in the club at all times and the reassurance that your money is guaranteed!”

Z.B; Camberwell

“Good service to work with; very helpful to people with money difficulties at times”

M.T; Peckham

“Best thing since slice bread!”

J.R; Luton

Keep up the good work”

Q.R; South East London

“As for your club all I can say is that it’s wonderful, absolutely! I have never saved in my life. I have tried saving in the bank, but that did not work for me. Since becoming a member, I find myself addictive in saving; not just in 1Pardna but 2 to 3 more Pardna plan, which is great! I’m extremely pleased with the results.”

J.L; Harrow

“I approached your club with an open mind when my friend told me about it, since I joined it has encouraged me to save money to pay for my lawyer and university fee in no time. I am delighted that I came across such an organisation which has made a great difference to me.” M.D; Birmingham
“Your 14 Step Quick Partner Plan leaves me feeling independent and in control with my finance. It is very helpful to know that you can get a loan without any credit check in stressful times! Thank you so much.”

C.P; Brixton

A great way to save money, very safe and reliable I love it..

Shanika Tweetie Pie

Big shout out to Portia for hooking up an amazing family holiday through her holiday club.. 4/5* accommodation available all over the world at amazing prices.

Dean Lawrence

Great way to pay yourself first with using this method of savings. keep up the good work.

Steven First

Safe, Reliable, Professional and highly organised!

Sade Grant