Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Priority will be given to more trusted members who participated in previous partner. The banker is the sole determiner of the order of the draw for specific partner. Existing members can request early or first draw if they have multiple hands in the partner. Banker cannot satisfy all requests when an emergency arises.

As a member of the club, providing a recommendation or having a prior relationship with the banker offers access to an emergency loan. Under the Early Draw Partner Plan, loans are called ‘early draws’ and loan repayments are referred to as ‘hands’.

Members are not allowed to stop throwing their partner after collecting their draw, if so they will have difficulties in joining other partners in the future and as to pay another fee to re-register. In the case of members dropping out because of circumstances, the full banker’s fee will be charged and whatever money was invested, will be attained from the partner. Before going on holiday, members must pay their partner in full for the weeks they are going away. Specific partnerships have a late payment fee, i.e. 5 weeks partner.

Once joined, you will be added to our database where you will get regular communications and updates on our services. A registration fee is chargeable. A Registration form will be filled out upon joining the club. (Personal details taken). Bank details will be given for those who wish to pay their partner via that method.

5. You will be allowed to order goods on credit for up to £200 free from the catalogue. (Available for those in existing partner). Members will have the flexibility of paying their partner weekly or monthly.
RISK MANAGEMENT – The banker underwrites the credit risk as each new member is admitted. Membership is attained based on a prior relationship with the banker, or on the strength of a referral. Family – 10%, Friends – 40%, Co-workers – 50%’ Referral – 80%, Non Referral – 90%.

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form. We typically reply within 90 minutes.