Our Services

Short Term Loans, Savings Accounts & Credit Services

The Company will provide short-term loans to people that are living within the Company’s target market. Services are offered in pre-designated packages that the client will have to input finances on a weekly basis and draw out at a pre-determined time.

We offer the following services:
  • Saving Services (SS), which focuses on helping our members to put a little away consistently, doing it the old fashion way through a non-financial system. (Throwing a pardna).
  • Loan Services (LS), which helps our members to get a secured/unsecured loan from as little as £50 to £2000 on their savings without the need to produce a lot of paper work or a credit history.
  • Order Goods on Credit Services (GS), through which we provide our members to order Domestic Appliances and goods up to their pardna value, with no cost to them but to (pay the monthly instalment).
  • Health and Wellbeing (H&WS): Through which we supply our members with Forever Aloe Vera Products and also the opportunity to build a full & part-time business with Forever Living.
  • Discount on All Electrical Installation and call outs (ES): Provides house owners and business members discount on their electrics through our sister company SFS (GB).

Our Electrical company is situated in South East London providing Domestic Installation to premises covering all Boroughs in south London. Our company operates a 24-hour service with an average response time of 90 minutes.

Our rates generally vary depending on location and duties, but are highly competitive and provide excellent value for money. We are NAPIT registered organization and have high standard of Health and Safety provision. Our services include:

  • Emergency Call out
  • Periodic Testing and Inspecting
  • Domestic Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Remedial works are charged per item

For emergency call out after 2000 hrs, if the problem cannot be catered to within a two-hour period arrangements will be made to ensure safety and an appointment will be made to return during sociable hours.

Short Term Loans & High Interest Savings/Investment Plans

Whether you want to purchase a long-awaited product or want to meet an unexpected expense, our pardna system guarantees funds when you need them.